Yemeni government warns: Militia coup attempt to impose unilateral measures threatens to blow up peace process

Wednesday 1437/11/7 - 2016/08/10
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlQa'dah 7, 1437, Aug 10, 2016, SPA -- Yemeni legitimate government warned that coup militias in the country are going on to impose unilateral steps and measures, most recently to convene the parliament which its constitutional term had been already ended, which is a clear violation of the constitutional and legal legitimacy and a flagrant violation of the two and is a threat to national unity and for social peace and security.
It also confirmed in statement issued by the political leadership of the legitimate authority and read by Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher the Prime Minister of the Republic of Yemen, in a press conference held at the Yemeni embassy's headquarters here today that "the unilateral and illegal procedures and steps taken by militia coup by announcing what was called the "Political Council" have no legitimacy in all respects and constitute a flagrant violation of the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Yemen."
The Yemeni legitimate authorities expressed appreciation and deep gratitude to the countries of the Arab coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for standing with the Yemeni people and their sacrifices for the sake of ending the coup militias and the restoration of the state, as well as its appreciation to all countries that supported the legitimacy of Yemen.
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