Saudi Embassy to UK Stresses Safety of Major General Asiri

Friday 1438/7/3 - 2017/03/31
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London, Rajab 03, 1438, March 31, 2017, SPA -- The Saudi Embassy to the United Kingdom stressed a safety of Major General Ahmed Asiri, Adviser to the Minister of Defense and Spokesman of the Coalition Forces to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, after he was exposed to an attempt of assault by a group of protesters.
According to the Saudi Embassy's twitter account, the embassy stressed that Major General was exposed to an attempt of assault by a group of protesters who were trying to disrupt his participation in the European Council Seminar on Foreign Relations to discuss the situation in Yemen. The embassy would like to thank the British police for its cooperation in protecting the place and ensuring the safe exit for the Saudi ambassador and the Major General from the building."
The Saudi embassy stressed that Asiri continued his communication program in Britain without any change in spite of the desperate attempts to disrupt him by forces pursuing violence as a principle.
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