The Joint Forces Command of the ‏Coalition (Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen): Royal Saudi Air Defense Intercepts and Destroys A Ballistic Missile Launched by the terrorist Iranian Houthi Militia at Saudi Arabia. Yemeni resident Martyrdom as a result of fragments.

Thursday 1439/11/27 - 2018/08/09
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Jeddah, Dhu-AlQa'dah 27, 1439, August 09, 2018, SPA -- ‏The official spokesman of the Coalition (the Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen) Col. Turki Al-Malki stated that at (20:34) the Coalition Air Defense detected a ballistic missile launch from (Northern Amran) aimed at Saudi Arabia.
‏Col. Al-Malki reported that the ballistic missile was launched deliberately by the terrorist Iranian Houthi militia to target densely-populated civilian areas in (Jazan), Saudi Arabia, where the missile was intercepted and destroyed by the Royal Saudi Air Defense. This act is a blatant violation of articles 51, 52 of the International Humanitarian Law.
‏He continued: “The interception resulted in projection of fragments throughout some residential areas, which caused the martyrdom of a Yemeni resident, and injuries among 11 civilians.”
‏Col. Al-Malki added: “This hostile act carried out by the terrorist Iranian Houthi militia proves that the Iranian regime is still providing them with advanced capabilities, in flagrant defiance of UNSCRs 2216 and 2231, with the main objective of threatening the Saudi Arabian, regional and international security.”
‏He added: “Launching ballistic missiles at densely-populated civilian areas is a direct breach of the principles of the international humanitarian law.”
Col. AlMalki stressed: “The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will take all deterring measures against such barbaric, frivolous launches in conformity with the International Humanitarian Law, and that those who support these terrorist crimes will be held accountable for their actions. The Coalition will continue its efforts in sustaining Regional and International Security.”
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