Minister of Energy issues a statement dismissing speculation surrounding the cancellation of ARAMCO IPO as not true

Thursday 1439/12/12 - 2018/08/23
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Riyadh, Dhu-AlHijjah 12, 1439, August 23, 2018, SPA -- In response to recent media reports about the IPO of Saudi Aramco, H.E. Khalid Al Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and Chairman of Saudi Aramco issued the following statement dismissing speculation surrounding the cancellation of the IPO as not true.“The Government remains committed to the IPO of Saudi Aramco at a time of its own choosing when conditions are optimum. This timing will depend on multiple factors, including favorable market conditions, and a downstream acquisition which the Company will pursue in the next few months, as directed by its Board of Directors.To prepare for the listing of Saudi Aramco, the Government has undertaken a number of major preparatory measures including issuing a new income tax law as it relates to hydrocarbons activities; reissuing a long-term exclusive concession; and appointing a new Board of Directors, amongst other measures to safeguard its interests and those of the company’s future private shareholders.The company, for its part, has completed its internal program for IPO preparedness. Specifically, it has amended its bylaws; converted to a joint stock company; ensured that its internal segmental financial reporting aligns with potential listing venue requirements; established an investor relations function; and undertaken the first independent certification of its hydrocarbon reserves, all confirming the company’s peerless status in the industry.This is all positive progress on what is a complex process, preparing the company and the Kingdom for what will ultimately be a global landmark market offering of unprecedented quality and scale.”--SPA

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