National Labor Observatory: Saudi Arabia Ranks First in Annual Labor Force Growth Rate

Sunday 1444/4/26 - 2022/11/20
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Riyadh, November 20, 2022, SPA – Saudi Arabia has ranked first in the labor force growth rate, outperforming the G20 countries, during the period 2012 - 2021, according to the labor market benchmarking report issued by the National Labor Observatory (NLO).
This report keeps track of the international indicators issued by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and a set of the main labor indicators for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which include the annual growth of the labor force, the labor force participation rate, the employment and unemployment rates, in addition to the rate of those outside the scope of education, work, and training.
NLO provides a set of services and products specialized in the labor market, based on comprehensive and accurate data that enables anticipating the future of the labor market, evaluating policies and programs and measuring their impact, as well as supporting decision-makers and policymakers in a way that enhances the observatory’s vision to be the main and reliable source of labor market data and visuals.
-- SPA
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