Darah Pavilion at Cairo International Book Fair Full of Publications about Kingdom’s History, Geography, Heritage

Sunday 1444/7/7 - 2023/01/29
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Cairo, January 29, 2023, SPA -- The pavilion of the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives (Darah) at the 54th Cairo International Book Fair is one of the most important pavilions. It is full of several books and scientific, cultural and intellectual publications specialized in the history, geography and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Abdulrahman Al-Beiz, who is in charge of the Darah pavilion, in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), said that the pavilion has some 85 titles on sharia sciences, the geography of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi-Egyptian relations and publications that review the history of the Grand Holy Mosque.
He added that the pavilion also includes a set of recent productions and publications, as well as a collection of prominent publications and translations, including "Atlas of Mecca and holy sites" in Arabic and English, as well as books that tell the Kingdom's history in 100 years, and books about orientalists, travelers and their tours in the Arabian Peninsula.
He also referred to the increased turnout and demand for the publications of the Darah by visitors of the exhibition and its pioneers of all interests and specializations, to the extent of finishing stocks of some publications, expressing his happiness with the interaction of people with the publications of the Darah, which reflects their eagerness to learn about the Kingdom's history and culture.
Al-Beiz noted that the Mecca History Center of the Darah has produced about 22 publications highlighting the Hijaz area, the Two Holy Mosques, and other vital places in Saudi Arabia's history.
He concluded his remarks by saying that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently become a center for culture, thought, and literature, and has created a unique feature for itself through its participation in several international cultural and intellectual events.
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