LEAP 23 Sees Launch of Hectar as Latest, Most Competitive Social Media Application

Tuesday 1444/7/16 - 2023/02/07
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Riyadh, February 7, 2023, SPA -- In a Saudi-Chinese partnership between Camel Lab and WEO Technology, it was announced during the first day of the LEAP 23 Conference, the two companies would launch their latest and most competitive social media application "Hectar", which brings together many advantages that enhance its level of competitiveness with important social media applications.
The "Hectar" application is characterized by its operation in all regions of the world, and easy registration via mobile number, Facebook, Google, or Apple.
The Hectar application combines the advantages of most existing broadcasting applications allowing the posting of photos, videos, and editorial texts, viewing the content in its multiple forms, and posting it on the map, in addition to providing support and gifts to content creators, providing audio and video space, a place with new and current events, innovative campaigns, and exclusive videos, and approaching many influential and creative celebrities, making it a potential competitor for the most important applications in today's world.
Hectar is a safe alternative that offers a large number of features in one application with a high level of security and even provides a profit-making opportunity through support from followers and supporters.
The platform combines pleasure and knowledge, allows access to other people's content, as well as providing followers with important levels of general culture that distinguish one person from others, where users will be able to express themselves, share their expertise, and check on the content available on social media, celebrities news, entertainment, and breaking news.
Hectar users can download the new social media application from Android's Google Play and iPhone's App Store.
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