Old Town in AlUla - Authentic Architectural Excellence of the Best Tourist Villages in the World

Wednesday 1444/9/7 - 2023/03/29
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AlUla, March 29, 2023, SPA -- The Royal Commission for AlUla has announced the commencement of studying and reviewing artworks in the Old City, which was selected as one of the best tourist villages in the world for 2022, through conducting a study and restoration work with a group of experts, intending to reveal the details and architecture of the town.
Studies included the discovery of murals with geometric ornaments and other images highlighting various elements of everyday life, such as mosques, houses, markets, and many material elements that reflect the cultural value embedded in these images and drawings.
The old town contains various inscriptions and designs engraved on the walls of the houses, as well as colours of various connotations. This research was conducted by the Royal Commission of AlUla with emphasis on the elements and details of folklore in the AlUla community.
The results of these studies show that the houses were characterized by sophisticated inscriptions, including the houses of the AlUla Cultural Oasis built by the citizens, and are now within the scope of excellence, making the old town one of the best tourist villages in the world.
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