Global Priority Summit Concludes, PIF Governor Announces Miami to Host Next Edition

Saturday 1444/9/10 - 2023/04/01
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Washington, April 01, 2023, SPA -- Governor of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Future Investment Initiative (FII), Yasser Al-Rumayyan has announced that the Global Priority Summit, which concluded its activities yesterday, will be held in Miami next year for the second time in a row.
Al-Rumayyan added that the summit highlighted the importance of motivation and concerted efforts, as two main factors for the success of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), FII CEO Richard Attias, said "The Miami Summit was a global conversation beyond imagination on how to have a real impact on humanity and raise awareness in this regard. We have to listen to and address citizens' priorities in terms of cost of living, job creation, and overcoming concerns and risks about how to instill the banking system".
"So, I think the first outcome is people appreciate transparency, the fact that we are hosting this amazing conversation by bringing in the right people to address the issues that are most important to today's outcome. The second outcome is that we act as a catalyst, starting global conversations and bringing together innovators, experts, decision-makers, CEOs, and global investors to hold open and transparent discussions. This is something unique, with the desire of many to adhere to the vision and roadmap," Attias continued.
He said “The Global Priority Summit report will become available by October 2023, during which we will present how countries around the world are changing by adopting strategies that take into account the priorities of citizens in terms of job creation, inflation, and the health care system. Our duty as a non-profit and as an independent global institution is to help leaders access information and access data.”
Attias pointed out that what was remarkable about the global conversation that took place at the Summit in Miami was that all the speakers who came from several countries were mentioning Saudi Arabia as a standard model, which shows that the Kingdom has turned into a model in many different fields in a way that exceeds expectations. He added, "The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become a model of transformation, vision, and leadership in many sectors, not only in investment, but also in hospitality, artificial intelligence, technology, women’s participation, and many others, and this is a great achievement and a global recognition of the Kingdom’s Vision 2023 and the Saudi leadership."
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