Ministry of Interior: Injunctions on Security and Ideology for Citizens and Residents; and An Extra Grace Period of 15 Days for Those Taking Arms outside the Kingdom to Rethink Their Position and Return Home 2 Riyadh

Friday 1435/5/6 - 2014/03/07
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6- Contacting or communicating with groups or factions or individuals who harbor enmity for the Kingdom.
7- Being loyal to, in liaison with, or communicating with another country, with the intention of exploiting the secure unity and stability of the Kingdom and its people.
8- The pursuit of unsettling the social and national fabric, or the call for, participation in, or promotion of sit-ins, demonstrations, gatherings, collective statements, or any actions that touch the unity and stability of the Kingdom under any reason and in any form.
9-Attendance of conferences, forums, or gatherings inside or outside the Kingdom that target the Kingdom’s security and stability, and instigate social disorder.
10- Committing offenses against other countries and/or their leaders.
11- Soliciting the help of States, international organizations or bodies against the Kingdom.

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